App designed to improve patient-doctor interaction for people with Rheumatism.

This app for the Dutch Rheumatism Fund was made so patients could prepare themselves better before going to an appointment with their doctor. Before the app was developed, there was only a long list of questions, which for most people was too daunting to actually use. To solve this problem, the app asks the patient for personal information, after which is makes a list of questions specifically selected for that patient, which they can then select, print, and use in their conversation with their doctor.

This way appointments get much more focused and useful, both for the doctor and the patient.

Try the prototype!

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The app was made during the Minor Datavisualisation & Infographics, so to include an infographics element the app also asks the patient to give scores to their pain-, energy- and activitylevels. The app then visualises this into a clear overview of these scores per date. This screen can be seen at the bottom of this page on the far right.