Droog Brood

A magazine for inmates - Assignment Hogeschool Utrecht

“Droog Brood” (“Bread and Water”) is a magazine for inmates with which they can use their time in a positive manner and which prepares them for stepping back into society.

The magazine is one that fits into the world and lifestyle of inmates. The magazine inspires them to lead a better life by giving them leading examples in the form of stories about other inmates who succesfully readjusted to society. Besides that, the magazine gives information on how to get help with addiction or psychological problems for example. It also has an entertainment section with reviews about movies, brainteasers, and columns.

The magazine also has an online platform with which inmates can keep a diary that relatives can read. Relatives can also read a shortened version of the magazine through the app with articles relevant to them.

All content was developed and created by our team of students. Click the covers above to read the magazines in PDF format (Dutch only).