Sam Ruijter

Sam Ruijter


Hi! I’m Sam. My passions: Music, design and gaming. My favorite activity: creating things. Whether that’s digitally or physically doesn’t matter.

I studied the Graphic Design pre-course at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). After that I took a year long course of Graphic Design at the Utrecht Center for the Arts (UCK). Recently I graduated as a Bachelor in Communications and Multimedia with a minor in Infographics and Datavisualisation. I am currently working at Motivaction International as graphic designer.

My strenght lies in developing a project from start to end, in which I think it’s very important to give the creative process the space it needs. Combined with my extensive knowledge of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator this leads to well-founded projects I can be proud of.

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 90%
  • InDesign 70%
  • HTML/CSS 50%
  • Concepting 70%
  • Teamwork 70%
  • Organising 80%
  • Managing 70%

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